Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Updating, decisions, and new stuff!

Hi there!  There was an interesting discussion on FB on one of the fiber groups.  It was about Etsy, their fees, and what might be good/better/best. 
I came to the conclusion that I'm not that big and famous as some of the people that posted.  I'm a beginner seller, and things are going slow.  I have faith that I have the right stuff, it's priced right, and that I can make a go at this. I've been in business less than a year, and although I myself keep forgetting that it's "only" been a year, I gotta give myself a break.

The shipping fees were bothering me on my items.  I hated that I had to put a fee that covered all that is involved in the shipping, to include the labels I use, the ink, printer, tape, plastic bags, boxes or envelopes, gas to get to the post office (about 20 miles away), and the fees incurred with using Etsy when something sells.  There is a LOT that goes into having a small business, that is done both on internet and at shows (when I can get IN to a show).

I decided to charge a flat rate for my items, and that increased the costs, but in the long run I believe it saves the buyer some of the fees of having separate shipping costs for each item.  I'm hoping I'm right.  I upped my prices on some of my fiber by $4.00.  That is to help me cover all the costs involved and still feel like I'm making money. I think I hope that I have kept my prices competitive, covered my costs, and can still make a decent profit. 

It's all in where you are in business and what you can handle.  I tried having my own website and selling from it, but they were nickel and diming me to death on the costs to have an online shop.  It was time consuming and a pain in the butt.  Therefore, the ease of using Etsy was appealing to me, and let's face it, the less time I spend on the computer doing business, the more time I can spend creating and enjoying what I love to do!  Time IS money!  I may get rid of the website in the end, and just have my blog, FB page, and Etsy (and sell in person when I can).

I received an order on Monday night which included some milk protein fiber and a couple of fall colors of fiber.  I'm trying to decide if I want to spin the fiber into yarn, and mix the colors or make a striping yarn, or if I will just put it all up for sale!  The colors are lovely.  I'll get pics soon.  I have to break down the fiber into 4 ounce braids, label them, and list them.  Today will be a good day to do that, as it's sunny out.  On the other hand, the stinkbugs are out in swarms and it's awful!  It's hard to get into the house without being attacked and having to whack about 20 or 30 of them off the door!  In the afternoon, they are all over the windows.  It's quite disgusting! 

I can't remember if I've also mentioned that I have a new camera - a Nikon D3100.  YAY.  I have been watching the dvd.  I keep thinking I need to put it in the player, and lay down with my eyes closed, and hope it comes to me through osmosis!  There is SO much to learn.  I do want to get a micro lens eventually.

I was just popping around on Etsy too, and found they have APPS they suggest using.  I clicked on this one called Foto Fuze and it takes you photos, and you highlight the items, and anything you don't highlight, it turns to white.  Messy backgrounds disappear.  And it's free.  Go here and it should link you to the page.  Quite easy to use and interesting.  I hope it will help me with my photos!

Speaking of which, I need to get busy taking photos of the dream catchers.  Here is one that I did on Foto Fuze. 

I think it turned out pretty cool.  I also was able to brighten my photo on Foto Fuze.  So there ya go. Now to try it with some close ups.....

That's about it from me.  It's lunch time and I'm hungry (no big surprise there....).

Take care of yourself.  Today, do something for you, something you love to do, or just take time to take care of you.

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