Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Orange Street Festival & Learning Experiences

We successfully pulled off vending at the Orange Street Festival on Saturday, Sept 7th, 2013.  We didn't walk away too disappointed, but we didn't really "make" money either.

This entire experience of owning a business is really teaching me a lot about myself, and what I want from it, and what it wants from me; along with learning that it's MY business and I need to stick up for what I want, when vending.  More on that a bit later.

Here is the booth when it was first set up:
Please excuse the somewhat not great photo - I took it with my IPhone, I was rushing, and in the upper left corner is my finger.  I have cropped the photo the best I could.  It's difficult to see everything because of the lack of tent walls (a sore subject, which goes along with the bit above about how it's MY vending experience and I know what I want....now I just have to stick up for myself and stick to my guns when setting up).

Some more photos:
This is one of my new grid walls with the yarns hanging off it.  It worked REALLY well, and I will be purchasing more grid walls.  The company I got these from is in PA, and I received them 2 days after ordering!  This company is amazing. 
You can also see the white floating heads there - we bought some foam core boards, traced around my head and shoulders, and hubby cut them out (because it's hard for me to grip the knife for too long).  These things worked GREAT and I'm very happy with them.  They are a wonderful way to display my hand made goods at eye level and got lots of attention!
You can also see the dream catchers I made out of hand spun yarn, feathers, and some of them have a bit of commercial yarn in them.  I LOVE making these dream catchers. 

More of the hanging cutouts, and how my items are displayed.  Here you can also see the box I displayed my drop spindles in.  I will be re-thinking this display.  I don't like it.  It did get LOTS of attention - but people had no idea what they were (because remember, this was not a fiber festival) and once they knew, they just walked away.  I will figure out a way to hang these on a display.

 This is a shawl I wove last year.  It's a mobius shawl, where I wove the beginning edge into the end edge.  I twisted the fringe, and put it in a special braid effect.  A young lady came along and fell in love with it.  It's easy care because it's acrylic yarn (hey, I made it before I started spinning my own yarn, and everyone LOVED this shawl and I got many nice compliments on it).  I will be making more of these, but they won't be mobius, they will be straight shawls with 2 ends.

Another view of the dream catchers I made. The background makes it difficult to really see.....again if the tent back was up, it would be a better photograph.

The booth space was too expensive for the money I made.  I won't be doing this venue again next year.
The weather was great in the morning, nice and cool, but it got quite warm later in the day, and again, because we didn't have any sides or back on the tent, the sun started beating in - on my wool, yarns, garments, etc.  It made it difficult to stay in the shade under the tent, and in the afternoon, we had to keep moving items around, and trying to figure out how to keep ourselves and the items in the shade.

The next venue, at this point in time, that I'm signed up to do, is Powhatan in April of 2014.  I'm excited to do it, we're signed up for 2 booth spaces, and we'll be able to spread out.  I'm planning on making more woven shawls, and I will have a lot more of the undyed fiber I carried this year, and a lot more of the commercially dyed fiber.

Don't forget to go visit my Etsy store HERE
I will be updating the store soon as I had stocked up for the street festival, and I need to list those items in the shop.

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