Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What I've been up to...

I've been keeping quite busy.  I did get accepted into the Orange Street Festival which will take place on September 7th, 2013, in Orange, Virginia.  It's a beautiful, quaint, little town.  There will be lots of vendors and lots of food.  I'm putting in my order for perfect weather...I'm hoping Mother Nature is listening and complies. Here is the link to the festival if you need directions or more information.

I've been busy making a few things that I think might sell - at least, I'm hoping they do.  Although, I don't have a huge stock of them, in case they don't sell.  I crocheted from cotton, some bows on hair clips.  All colors of them - no photos yet (sorry).  I have also made some really cute dream catchers (also no photos yet - geesh, I'm bad).  I will try to get photos of those up soon. 

I also opened an Etsy shop - and OMG it's SO much easier than my website shop was.  I have totally changed over my website to just an info type site.  There is a blog page but it's a lot more work to get into than this one.  My Etsy shop is HERE.  Funny enough, I can't fit the "s" on the end of Spinning My Wheel Fibers for the shop so if you go looking for it, it's without the "s".  But the link should get you there.  I hope!  If not, let me know.

I'm excited about the street festival on one hand, on the other, I'm worried I'll make no money.  If that happens, I won't do it again, and consider it a learning experience.

I also applied for the 2014 Powhatan Festival of Fiber, which I attended this year (2013) in April, and did well at.  It was my first time as a vendor, and I was really happy.  I got accepted for 2014 (and was the first one that applied and got accepted). 

At some point, I'm hoping to be able to get into the Fall Fiber Festival in Montpelier VA, which takes place the first weekend in October.  If I can't then possibly we'll apply for Shenandoah Fiber Festival next Fall (which is the weekend before FFF - last weekend in September).  That is further away, and is a 2 day festival, so it's a lot more difficult because we have the 2 dogs and the horses that need caring for.  Since we do these things as a couple, it's more difficult to make sure the animals are taken care of.  We'll see....things change, ya know?

I did attend Spin Quest last weekend, in Front Royal, VA.  That was nice, as I went with 2 friends, but I probably won't do it again in the future.  I have to say, I was a bit disappointed because I thought it was going to involve more demos and teaching, but we were pretty much left to our own devices in the morning (which started quite late - 10:30, then lunch was at 12).  The people were wonderful, the atmosphere was nice, the room was good.  The toilet paper ran out early afternoon, so that could have been better.  There were some nice vendors there, but I try not to spend too much since I'm a vendor myself but I also like to support the ones that I like. 

Even with the disappointment of it not being quite what I expected, I did learn how to core spin fabric strips onto a core.  That was fun. I also got to renew/remember my love of spinning fun yarns.  I had a grab bag of yarn, and then we grabbed a bag of add-ins, which for me consisted of some fun eyelash yarn, some stretchy lace (which I ended up not using) and some feathers.  I spun the fiber into yarn, then plied with the eyelash yarn (till I ran out, then I just used some black thread I had in my bag).  When I plied, I stuck the feathers in.  One of them has fallen out and I really expect others to fall out. LOL.  I did my best.  We had to spin the yarn to look like a photograph we were given.  Here is mine:

Sorry for the light reflection.  I took this with my IPhone and people were around me and it came out a bit blurry.  But I had fun making this yarn!  It's not washable so it can't be something wearable, but I am hoping to use it for making more dream catchers.

A couple of more photos of the work of others:

Well, this is taking forever, so I'm going to close for now.  It's time to feed the dogs, and make dinner for us humans.
I haven't been productive today at all - I had lunch with a friend I hadn't seen in awhile, and afterward, went to our Lazy Kate's spinning group, which was pretty small today.  When I got home I got on the computer.  BAD.  It's been raining all day too, which makes me feel even less productive.  I'm running out of time to do stuff for the street I need to work my butt off for the next week!

I will try really hard not to be so long between posts.  Take care!  Live for today!


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