Thursday, March 14, 2013


I've found a new love.  Batts!  I love making them.  See?

These all might be a bit deceiving - they are an ounce or less in weight!  I just told hubby, I see a drum carder in my very near future!  I don't know if anyone will be interested in buying them because they ARE so small, but hey, they are soft, fluffy, and have some fun shiny stuff hiding inside!  A drum carder would give me larger batts.  I think they might sell better. For now, this is what I have, and hopefully, someone will be interested in buying them.

I did these on my blending board.  You can find my post on my home-made blending board here.  It's not pretty, but it does the job.  It took me awhile to start using the board.  I wasn't particularly fond of the rolags - either making or spinning them.  Then I tried dizzing off the fiber from the board, and I couldn't get consistent enough with that.  When I got my first batt off the board - well, all I can say is, love at first sight!  The purple one was so fluffy and fun and I put it on my head.  I was at spin group and everyone loved it, and said it should be felted into a hat!  I would love to - except I don't know how to make a hat from felting.  I will learn though!  Eventually.....

Meanwhile, I'm struggling - I think I need to make a new website for myself.  Just my stuff.  I think it would be easier to get people to buy.  But, do I go through WordPress and set up a site and a blog together?  Or through Blogger?  Or do I just set up a website and buy the E-Commerce through it?  Do I just try to sell through Ravelry and Facebook?  I asked on a fiber market group and a lot of people just use that to sell - FB and Ravelry.  Do I not bother to spend my money on the extra website?  I don't want to sink money into Etsy - just too much competition.

Of course, the problem with being part of the fiber groups is, everyone else in those groups is trying to sell fiber/yarns etc also.  So there's competition there too.

I don't know if the batts will sell, but hey, I'm having fun.  Except for taking 3 or 4 hours to photograph, download, edit, and upload to sites.  It's a LOT of work to do this!!!!  Also, it takes away from doing the fun stuff.  I was hoping to do some dyeing today, but it's now 12:30 and I don't want to start that.  I have so many other things I want to do.  Oh, did I mention, I haven't showered or gotten dressed yet?  Geesh.

I also made a bunch of shrink plastic designs with spinning wheels and knitting needles with balls of yarn.  They are so cute!  They can be earrings, key chains, or can just be hooked onto a spinning wheel.  I think I will have to find some more rubber stamps - I think a spindle would be cute.  They turned out okay except the larger circles of shrink plastic were being difficult.  For the 25 or so I got done, about 5 of those curled up on themselves and stuck to themselves.  Sigh.  No matter what I tried, I lost them. Oh well.

Thanks for looking.  I'll be posting these batts on my website here, but you can also find them on my FB page here. Now that I've posted that here, I'm off to my website to update! Can hardly keep up with myself!


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TinyWoodland Fibres said...

I love your batts! I'm so excited as I get a drum carder delivered tomorrow. I've never made or carded anything before but I have 500g of raw alpaca fleece to sort out! It will be exciting!

I think you're right it's so hard to know where to sell things. I would like to sell batts and hand spun yarn in the future but the competition is just do high! I think your own website would be the way forward and just advertise it on fb and Ravelry. But I'm no expert.

Good luck! :)