Saturday, February 23, 2013

Slammin Busy

I have been MIA - again. I keep apologizing but I have no excuse other than I have really had no time or anything to really blog about.  It stinks, but it's the truth.

I'm working on my business.  Having someone want to buy all the yarn I can make as fast as I can make it is great.  It's just not very fulfilling.  Does that make sense?  I spin and spin, then finish the yarn, and I hang it to dry, take photos, measure it out, price it, and send her the info.  She buys it, and I start all over again.

I haven't been able to make any "fun" stuff.   I spin to send to her to knit.

I am, however, going to change that.  If she has to wait a week or 2 while I do some stuff for me to put in my shop, so be it.  I can't help that.  I really NEED to be able to update my shop once a week at least.  I'm getting no sales on my website because it's the same old stuff!  ARGH.  Frustrating.  On the other hand, how can I gripe about making money from someone buying my yarn?  After all, that's what I wanted, right? 

Okay, so there's that.  Currently I'm working on Bamboo - and I can tell you, I don't think I'll work with Bamboo again!  It's icky feeling to the touch.  Feels awful.  As I'm spinning it, I actually start to be able to not feel it between my fingers.  Strange, huh?  I can't explain it any other way.

The Bamboo is black too - so I can only work on it during the day.  Can't even see it at night, even with a light on (not that the lighting in my room is great....).

I got 2 new books online, and 2 from the library.  I need to really study up on how to spin better for knitting, and one of the books addresses that.  The other book is one I'd gotten before, and I thought I'd ordered it online, but I think I ordered the wrong book.  I have to go check my books to see for sure.  I ordered a book on dyeing without seeing the book first.  I like the book, but it didn't tell me what I was sure I'd seen elsewhere about dyeing in the crock pot.  The other book I picked up in the library is the one where I'd seen it!  Duh.

I am all about making my "company" work for me this year so that next year, if the opportunity arises, I can do a show or two.  That is something I'd love to try.  Figuring out how we'd take care of the dogs while we're gone is one issue we're facing.  No way could we do a 2 day show if we can't come home at night, because of the horses.  So that's another issue.  I could do the shows alone, but Dear Hubby has so much fun selling, and it's so much easier with backup.  If one goes potty the place isn't left alone.  So I dunno.

I ordered some undyed fiber and also ordered dyes this week.
I also made my own Blending Board.  It's fun to play on. Still makes me want a drum carder though....

 It's not pretty, or impressive.  But it works.  Here's proof.
These are called rolags.  They are mini batts.  They are made from lots of different fibers that I put on the board, and brushed in with a paint brush.  Then I take 2 dowels (not very thick ones) and I put them around the ends of the fibers on one end of the board, and pull up and forward and that pulls the fibers up, and that is called drafting.  After drafting some (stretching the fibers) I pull them around the dowels, and keep going till the drafting becomes really thin. I take the fibers and pull one dowel out, then another and this is what you get.  I haven't spun this up yet.  I will though.  I can hardly wait.  I haven't measured the weight yet, and I don't know what I'd make out of it, but hey, it was an experiment. 

Normally, I wouldn't put all those colors I said, I used whatever I had that I felt wasn't the expensive stuff.  When I get to dyeing and I have bits and pieces left that I can use, I'll be able to blend more and make many more, and then I can really make something fun out of whatever I spin.  :-)

Well, that's it for me.  I need to go spin some of this bamboo before daylight ends.  Can you tell, I'm procrastinating about it????

Later folks

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AJ (The Quilting Pot Podcast) said...

Hi Martha. I understand exactly what you mean related. It has now become a "job"! That 3 letter word takes the fun out of just spinning to spin. Me, I am continuing to practice on my longarm. I hope to supplement my income when I retire-a few more years to go. Congratulations on your yarn sales, I think. I am sorta envious of your offer to spin for hire. Have a good rest of your day.