Friday, January 25, 2013


I've been pretty busy.  Lots going on here.  We're in the dead of winter, which slows most people down.  Not me.  Things have been whizzing along here!  I'm sorry I went missing. I just had nothing new to really report.

I have started a dog training class with Evan. He's my Papillion.  He is loving the tracking class we started.  We go on Saturdays.  Only issue is, the first week between class one and two, it poured rain for 4 days and the 2 days before that were really foggy and wet.  It was awful.  Class day was great though and we picked up class two where we left off at class one.  Class three is supposed to be tomorrow - but it's cancelled.  We've had temps in the 20s with wind chills in the teens and single digits, and a tiny amount of snow on the ground.  The cold isn't good for me (heart issues) and it's certainly not good for the pups to be out for an hour sniffing around!  Hopefully next Saturday will be better.

On a wonderful note, the woman who bought my yarn to use in her new line of clothing, has finished the first sweater.  It's really beautiful.  See below:

Isn't it amazing?  Its her own pattern, with MY hand spun yarn!  The model is her daughter.  The wonderful artist of this sweater is Joey Goodrich, of The House Of Renee Originals. 

She just told me tonight that our names just went out to 7000 people!  Holy Cow!  A group she belongs to has that many people they distribute to. 

I spent the entire day today spinning new yarn for Joey.  I actually started it Wednesday.  It's Alpaca/Merino/Silk blend and it's really beautiful.  Soft as soft can be.  It's spun much thinner than the yarn in the above photo. It'll make a beautiful garment.  The yarn is hanging in my bathroom drying as I type this.  Photos later.

Tomorrow I'm going to another spinner's home. She has a barn she converted, which has a wood burning stove, and she's invited a lot of spinners to go.  I'm supposed to bring something.  I think it's just going to be a coffee cake (or 2).  I was going to make potato/corn chowder, but I don't really want to lug a crock pot and everything down there.  It's my first time going to her place, so I think I'll make something easy.  Hence the coffee cake.  Good ole Bisquick!  I do put a twist on it and add stuff, tomorrow I will add some chocolate chips.  Who doesn't like that?

I will try really hard to keep up here.  So much going on - it's been difficult. I'm trying to catch up to myself constantly.  Between my Facebook page Spinning My Wheel Fibers and my website and here, ordering fiber, spinning fiber, photography, trying to spin enough yarn to get ahead (which by the way isn't working),  going to spin groups, doctor's appointments, doing stuff with hubby, and fighting off a sinus thing, I feel like I'm chasing my tail!  Whew!

Please take care,

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